Curry Rinzler, Architect, Woodstock, NY 
Curry Rinzler, Architect, Solar Design Since 1976 
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Curved Porch, Saugerties, NY    1999
Octagon House addition, Woodstock, NY 2006
Mainieri, two additions,
West Hurley, NY  2000 & 2004
Curved Porch, Saugerties, NY
Octagon House Addition, Woodstock, NY
House Addition, Woodstock, NY

The operation of the artist-architect has not been to consciously
express himself but to be the anonymous vehicle of realization.

- The Sense of Unity by
Nader Ardalan & Laleh Bakhtiar

House Addition, Tannersville, NY  
Guest Cottage Addition, Shokan, NY
House Addition, Woodstock, NY
Jensen, Tannersville, NY    2004
Pitcairn Guest Cottage, Shokan, NY 2004  

Vicki Stern & Gene McGarry,
Woodstock, NY 2009

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